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IBM demonstrates 160Gbps optical transceiver chipset

Darren Murph

Innovative cooling solutions aren't the only things that IBM is showing off of late, as the firm is also demonstrating a wicked fast optical transceiver chipset at the 2007 Optical Fiber Conference. The prototype reportedly has the uncanny ability to "move information at speeds of 160Gbps," which should prove quite useful with all the streaming media we're growing more and more fond of with each passing day. IBM is apparently trying to "make optical connectivity viable for widespread use" by constructing an optical transceiver "with driver and receiver integrated circuits in current CMOS technology," and then adding in a few exotic materials to deliver a package measuring just 3.25- x 5.25-millimeters. As expected, no implementation dates were readily available, but considering that 100G Ethernet is just around the corner, we're sure IBM will have its act together in plenty of time.

[Via Playfuls]

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