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YouTube Mobile to launch in May / June?

Darren Murph

For those of you looking to get in on the YouTube Mobile bandwagon without switching over to a Verizon Wireless handset, the wait is almost over. According to GigaOM, YouTube already has plans in motion to bring a cellphone-friendly rendition of the video-browsing website to more mobiles once the firm's exclusivity agreement with Verizon comes to a close. Apparently, YouTube engineers have already been "working closely with other mobile carriers and handset makers such as Nokia" in order to hopefully provide a seamless experience when it finally goes live. Initially, the site will be more of a "best of" gallery to work out the kinks, but it should eventually offer up the same content as its non-mobile counterpart. Expect a launch "around May" for European users, while we Americans will likely be waiting until June.

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