Nokia's YouTube features in action

We weren't exactly sure what sort of level of integration to expect from this YouTube and Nokia dealio, and now we've got some legit video proof that's simultaneously promising and disappointing. On the plus side, the YouTube videos seem to be easy access, and are accompanied by a nice collection of other RSS-subscribable vids, which makes content consumption much less of a chore than it can tend to be on phones. It's also nice to see that the YouTube channel being accessed seems to be for the most part a stream of YouTube's featured videos, so you can keep up with what all the cool kids are watching. Unfortunately, it looks like the selection stops there: no search or browsing capabilities to speak of. From the looks of things, you might be able to subscribe to other YouTube channels, but it seems that dreams of free-roaming mobile access to YouTube content will have to be put on hold for the time being. What we do know is that more partnerships are in the works, so hopefully YouTube will keep on trying out partners until somebody actually gets it right. The video is after the break.

[Via Ring Nokia]