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Final Fight and Street Fighter II Turbo coming to Virtual Console

Jared Rea

Capcom will be bringing two more of their vintage SNES titles to the Virtual Console sometime soon as Final Fight and Street Fighter II Turbo have popped up on the ESRB list of recently cleared titles. As Super Nintendo games, both of these arcade classics are classically gimped -- the technical term used for when something is downgraded.

The SNES edition of Final Fight, while technically impressive for its time, goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to killing the magic. Not only did Final Fight on the SNES drop the two-player action that made it a hit in the first place, but also the red-clothed karate champ, Guy. Sure, you're playing it for Haggar anyways, but do you really want to be stuck with Cody? You also get a dose of censorship as everyone's favorite video game transsexual, Poison, is nowhere to be found.

Street Fighter II Turbo (or Hyper Fighting as us humans call it) isn't that bad, but smaller sprites, a lack of online play and limited controller options on the Wii make it a hard sell. We love us some Zangief, but we don't see us pulling off our favorite combos on the classic controller.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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