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Nifty hack adds text-to-speech to Garmin c510 / c530

Darren Murph

Look, we fully understand that you're probably not ready to drop fresh coinage to upgrade your one-year young c510 or c530 navigation device, but why not treat it to a svelte hack that will have it acting like the new kids on the block? Yep, your aging Garmin can now sport the same text-to-speech capabilities as the newer c550 / c580 devices with just a little a good bit of internal tweaking. Considering that the elder machines boast less storage, yet TTS requires quite a bundle, you'll be forced to purge your GPS of unnecessary files in order to make it all fit, and aside from exposing yourself to the awful possibility of botching your portable tour guide, you'll also need to be comfortable with a long-winded process of implementing (and locking in) the changes. All in all, we can't complain with teaching old NAVs new tricks, but this one certainly isn't for the faint of heart. Hit the read link if you dare.

[Via NaviGadget]

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