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Sam & Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0 released on GameTap


First they faced off against a deranged eye fitness guru, then a talk show host followed by the toy mafia and Abe Lincoln. Now Sam and Max have to overcome a foe of a different kind: the internet! The fifth installment of the episodic Sam & Max adventures is available today on GameTap. Reality 2.0 is filled with the signature Sam & Max humor wrapped in an adventure-lite game. This time around the jokes poke fun at everything geek-related. Expect some video game parodies as well, such as when Sam yells "Its-a me, Sam!" before leaping into the air to collect a coin.

You can grab Reality 2.0 from GameTap starting today, or download it from Telltale Games on April 12th for $8.95.

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