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360 may boost Rosetta@Home project

Dustin Burg

We previously reported on the idea of bringing the Playstation 3's Folding@Home project to our Xbox 360s and the impact it could have. But now it isn't looking like the Folding@Home project will be receiving any 360 love, instead Gizmodo thinks Microsoft may be supporting another folding project called Rosetta@Home. Rosetta@Home is very similar to the other folding project where computing power helps with protein folding which in turn helps find cures for various diseases. What's most interesting is that on the project's forums, a project scientist acknowledged the possibly of a Xbox 360 partnership by saying they "have been discussing this idea with Microsoft quite a bit over the past several weeks". Interesting, no?

We're still interested in this whole donating CPU power to a good cause thing and still think it's a pretty good idea. It would give those of us who want to an option to donate our 360's computing power to ultimately help disease research. Can you say teamwork FTW?

[Thanks, AoE]

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