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Emoze push mail "outberries" Blackbery at CTIA


Emoze, the Emblaze spin off, had another high noon showdown of sorts versus a Blackberry (we aren't making this up, peep the poster over yonder) at CTIA. Standing back to back -- one was armed with a run of the mill mobile, the other a Blackberry -- the mailslingers took three steps away from each other and then fired blank emails to Gmail, a large screen displaying the mail account clearly showed Emoze as the winner. OK, so we know this isn't going to convince the Blackberry-toting masses to abandon the device, but what Emoze was actually doing was demonstrating its new push mail service. The first generation Emoze client had a desktop connector that had to be running on your PC in order for the push to work; but this new release does away with all that in favor of a built in Exchange Outlook Web Access component. The Emoze client will securely sync email, calendar, contacts, and tasks from every major handset maker to just about every type of mail server. But the best part is that it doesn't cost one red cent, so hit the read link and go get some.

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