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Wii Warm Up: The freeform game idea topic


As people who frequent game blogs, you no doubt think about video games all the time. We've seen plenty of threads on message boards about "wouldn't this be a great Wii game" and "the Wii needs this" and "I'd totally buy this". Now it's time to put your money where ... their ... mouths are. Hmmm.

Inappropriate-sounding idioms aside, this is where we come up with our killer Wii game ideas. What do you think needs to exist? What would sell a million copies? What would be so awesome? The Star Wars lightsaber thing is off-limits-- that idea is well and truly out in the world now. It doesn't need any more encouragement. One note-- it doesn't necessarily have to be a super-Wiimote-appropriate idea-- we'll entertain "traditional" game designs too. Apparently Nintendo is keeping an eye on popular Wii gaming sites, so you could potentially put an idea into an influential mind or two! Or you could just have fun talking about games.

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