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What could you do with a broken iPod?


We get a lot of email to the TUAW tipline: scores of product recommendations, polite and not-so-polite suggestions, and "Won't you post about my new website?" press releases. When we get five consecutive emails, all within a few minutes, all from the same person promoting the same iPod purchasing online service... well, let's just say that it doesn't put us in a mood to post about your site, capice? (Oh, OK, fine. just opened and will buy your busted iPod. There, I did it.) Hopefully this guy can still get a few bucks for his iPod.

It wasn't until I saw these emails, however, that it occurred to me: I've got a couple of broken iPods around here somewhere, and certainly friends and family have more... which service should I recommend for monetizing them? Back in December, both Ars Technica and WallStreetFighter listed some extant sites for second-hand sales, including:

We even posted about BrokenPod back in February of 2006 -- and of course, there are the perennial options of Craigslist and eBay, or you could, I dunno, get it fixed or even try to repair it yourself. What we really need now, however, is your help: have you sold your broken iPod via any of these sites? Did they pay you as promised? Was the process easy and straightforward? Let us know your experiences; that way I can recommend a site with confidence and a clear conscience.

Update: After all that, I got the original site's URL wrong -- it's -- oops!

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