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DS releases for the week of April 2nd


What a week! At this rate, we could almost use a DS drought, just to give us time to save up some cash! But we shouldn't complain, since our counterparts in the UK and Australia aren't having much of a week as far as releases go. Isn't that always the way of it? One week, we get a ton of games and they get none, and the next week it's reversed. The only thing we can ever count on is that Japan is going to debut a veritable truckload of new titles. No matter what's going in the rest of the world, the Japanese must have their new DS games.

US releases

  • Cake Mania
  • Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales
  • Honeycomb Beat
  • Konami Classics: Arcade Hits

European releases

Nada. insert sad face here.

Japanese releases

  • Kageyama Method - Dennou Hanpuku: Tadashii Kanji Kaki to Rikun
  • Meitantei Conan: Tantei Ryoku Trainer
  • Shin Sangoku Musou DS: Fighter's Battle
  • Watashi no Happy Manner Book

Australian releases
  • Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2

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