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Griffin previews the Amplifi


Now that you can get 256kbps, DRM-free music from iTunes (well, in May, anyway) you're going to want to hear what that extra $0.30US buys you. You could pick up an iPod HiFi for $350US, or wait a bit for the Amplifi by Griffin Technology.

The Amplifi is a 2.1 sound system for all iPod models (it accommodates other players as well) that features a wooden case and bass reflex port plus two 2-3/4" neodymium drivers on the front and one 5" woofer underneath. It also features standard audio in and a remote. Check out this video of our very own Scott McNulty talking Amplifi with the Griffin folks at Macworld for some first hand impressions.

Now for the million dollar question...what's it going to cost? The iPod HiFi's price tag has successfully kept many shoppers away, and no information is currently available on the Amplifi's cost or shipping date. If it's more moderately priced than the HiFi, it could be a winner.

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