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Keepin' it real fake, part LII: snowin' the FCC

Chris Ziegler

Yeah, knockoff phones are a dime a dozen at this point, but how many actually make it all the way to the FCC? We're not totally up on the latest copyright infringement law, but any way you slice it, we figure it takes some serious stones to push a blatant rip into the feds' hands. Alas, Huawei wants to step up to the plate with its C5320 CDMA candybar -- a device that could be easily mistaken for any number of Sony Ericsson's low- or midrange devices, but bears a particularly striking resemblance (in our humblest of opinions) to the K618. Funniest part is, since Huawei has zero handset presence with Sprint or Verizon, there are almost certainly no plans to bring this one stateside -- never mind the presence of a UIM slot. Just taunting our legal system, Huawei, eh? You think that's funny?

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