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ThinkGeek 8-bit tie prank could be a reality


Apparel website ThinkGeek posted a number of fake products yesterday during the internet-wide April Fools fool-a-thon. When we laid eyes on the jagged 8-bit tie, we fell in love. ThinkGeek apparently received a flood of e-mail begging them to make the tie a reality. Assuming it's not an extension of their prank, it looks like they're working on it. For REAL.

Posted below the tie's price information is a small note from the ThinkGeek staff: "Hey! You! Quit emailing us to make this for REAL already. We promise, we'll make it.". The "add to cart" button is also missing, which is where fake products revealed themselves as hoaxes.

Real or just more prankage? We're hoping it's the former. Please don't toy with our gentle hearts like this, ThinkGeek. We might actually look forward to meetings, weddings, and funerals if we can wear that tie.

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