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Forum post of the day: Top ten winning Hoard momets for Paladins


The warlocks had Kralnor. The druids had Alamo. Now it's time for the paladins to have their moment in the shining light of a totally incomprehensible forum post. Cless of DEATH STAR on Nazrethim provides this indispensible advice for "Hoard paladins":

"i will always like to start where i usually start in point s

1:make them so the focus is centered and the axe is strong in hand, either left or both its right but doesnt seem make sense t me... maybe blizzard thinks about thisbefore next time


as long as the entrance is open the exit has a natural advantage, always be able to lose sometimes

3)as a paladin it is our duty to protect

4)after doing this it is best to not focus on selfish tides and mindless hooligany, paladins are serious dedication

have fun

never back down

dont need to eat food
paladin can team with warlocks

9:once you mount running backwards isnt the best but sometimes necessary if you dont farm enough, ALWAYS FOCUS ON CORRECTIONS WHICH CAN BE IMPROVED

never let yourself be fooled by paladin jeers. people are jealous even on alliance in levels , u will be the best someday and no one lets u stop if u let them defeat ur

10: duskwood"

Jandrin's response (#29) in the thread is also full of win: "No class that can team with warlocks should be doing such amazingly powerful axe is strong in hand ever. I dont care what spec they are. I don't care what gear they have. I don't care that most pallies think that they aren't supposed to mount running backwards, yet constantly complain on the forums about how weak they farm - even to this day. You are not suppossed to have such entrance open to natural advantage - even though you think it's a exit. It simply isn't balanced and you need some adjustments. You are not supposed to be Kralnor in the Pally forums."

Sure, it's silly and clearly a joke, but everyone needs some dada between the complaining in their gaming day. I, for one, am taking Cless's advice seriously and destroying all my food, teaming up with a warlock, and going to Duskwood. On the way, I will reassess my serious dedication and avoid mindless hooligany.

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