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Pentax's face-recognizing Optio M30 gets reviewed

Darren Murph

While we've already seen one underwhelming point-and-shoot in the last 24 hours, the last thing we need is yet another subpar ultracompact cluttering up the camera shelves, but unfortunately for us, that's exactly what we've got. At first glance, it's hard to hate such a shiny, stylish, and uber-thin digicam, but once reviewers got beyond the excellent design, satisfactory noise control, and very respectable battery life, this seven-megapixel darling suffered in the areas that matter most. Put frankly, the M30's "heavy file compression did nothing to help with picture quality," and the lackluster lens led to "heavy barrel distortion at wide angle, pincushion distortion, and appallingly bad corner blurring at medium zoom settings and close range." Moreover, hints of purple fringing reared its ugly head, and performance under low light scenarios was less than enthralling, leaving reviewers with no real option but to rate the M30 a paltry five out of ten. Needless to say, we'd pass on this one.

[Via PhotographyBlog]

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