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Spring update may upgrade "Play Game" verbiage

Dustin Burg

If you've listened to our most recent Fancast with guest Major Nelson, you'll know that he dropped a hint to what one of the new features will be for the Spring dashboard update. Major said that a new dash feature is one of those "simple things that I've been asking for since launch" and after doing some research, we think we've figured it out. Major has always been vocal about including some way to show what game is in the DVD drive, because right now it only says "Play Game" on the bottom when a game is in the drive. So, we're thinking the update will get rid of the "Play Game" text and display the name of the game that is in the drive, something along the lines of "Play Gears of War" or "Play Crackdown". It's something simple, something obvious, but is also something that would prove quite useful. Of course, we can't guarantee that this is what Major was talking about, but we are 84.7% sure we'll be seeing this feature implemented this Spring.

Also, our very own David Dreger informed us that all the early Xbox 360 dashboard screenshots (like the one above) included this feature where it listed what game was in the DVD drive. Convenient, ain't it?

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