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Devil May Cry 4 demo out in Japan kiosks... on PS3! [updated, yo]

Nick Doerr

Someone wandered into a Toys R' Us in Japan recently to discover, much to their surprise, a playable Devil May Cry 4 kiosk! Still not really sure why he would compare it to Gears of War and Lost Planet instead of Virtua Fighter 5 and Genji or something.

What did the guy think of the level he was able to demo? It seemed to play great, but was sort of repetitive (understandable, although if you fight anything a few times in any game, repetitive can be an allocated descriptor). Hopefully the repetition slides away and is replaced with DMC3 difficulty. Graphics and effects were great, but the backgrounds seemed a little out of place, or didn't flow with the environments. Slightly jealous, but that's why I can just throw in the other odd-numbered titles of the series and get my fix.

[update: yeah, yeah, fixed the title, etc. Darned subject lines with their conspiracy-theory destroying abililites]

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