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Nintendo dishes out the goods on Q2 release list for Europe


Who doesn't love lists? We know we certainly do! And this list we have, oh boy is it a big one. It's chock full of the type of information you want in your list, namely release dates for all the upcoming DS and GBA games releasing in Q2 for Europe. So, you wonderful European reader, maybe you should head past the post break and see what you're getting?

We'd suggest it.

DS games:

  • April 13 Pokemon Ranger (Nintendo)
  • April 13 Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (Nintendo)
  • April 13 Harvest Moon DS (Nintendo / Rising Star Games)
  • April 19 The Settlers (Ubisoft)
  • April 20 Diddy Kong Racing DS (Nintendo)
  • April Jin Jin (505 Games)
  • April Wild Wild Western (505 Games)
  • April Zendoku (Eidos)
  • April Lunar Knights (Konami)
  • April Lost in Blue 2 (Konami)
  • April Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 (Konami)
  • April Impossible Mission (System 3)
  • May 4 Final Fantasy III (Square Enix)
  • May 4 Nicktoons Battle Volcano Island (THQ)
  • May 4 Chicken Shoot + Egg Catcher (ZOO Digital Publishing)
  • May 11 Picross DS (Nintendo)
  • May 25 Custom Robo Arena (Nintendo)
  • May Fishing DS (505 Games)
  • May Tangram (505 Games)
  • May Spider-Man The Movie 3 (Activision)
  • May Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Disney Interactive Studios)
  • May Pony Friends (Eidos)
  • May Death Jr and the Science Fair of Doom (Konami)
  • May Marvel Trading Card Game (Konami)
  • May Steel Horizon (Konami)
  • May Power Play Pool (System 3)
  • May Super Fruit Fall (System 3)
  • June 1 Herbie: Fully Loaded (Disney Interactive Studios)
  • June 8 ANNO 1701 (Disney Interactive Studios)
  • June 8 8 Ball All Stars (Oxygen)
  • June 8 Powershot Pinball Constructor (Oxygen)
  • June 15 Mahjong (dtp)
  • June Wario: Master of Disguise (Nintendo)
  • June Kirby Mouse Attack (Nintendo)
  • June Metroid Prime Pinball (Nintendo)
  • June Puzzle League DS (tentative title name) (Nintendo)
  • June Shrek The Third (Activision)
  • June Meteos: Disney Magic (Disney Interactive Studios)
  • June Best of tests DS (Neko Entertainment)
  • Q2 Code Lyoko (Game Factory/K.E. Media)
  • Q2 Pet Alien (Game Factory/K.E. Media)
  • Q2 Panzer Tactics DS (10tacle Studios)
  • Q2 Dino Master (Majesco)
  • Q2 F24 Stealth Fighter (Majesco)
  • Q2 Mech Assault Phantom War (Majesco)
  • Q2 Nacho Libre (Majesco)
  • Q2 Super Black Bass Fishing (Majesco)
  • Q2 Guilty Gear Dust Strikers (Majesco / THQ)
  • Q2 B-17 Fortress in the Sky (ZOO Digital Publishing)
  • Q2 Frisbee Freestyle/Frisbee Golf (ZOO Digital Publishing
GBA games:
  • April 13 Final Fantasy V Advance (Nintendo)
  • April 27 Another World (ZOO Digital Publishing)
  • May 4 Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island (THQ)
  • June Final Fantasy VI Advance (Nintendo)
  • Q2 F24 Stealth Fighter (Majesco)
  • Q2 Teen Titans (Majesco)
  • Q2 Teen Titans 2 (Majesco)

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