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HP shows off some future-gen gaming tech

Ryan Block, @ryan

So we hit up HP's Gaming Summit which, as it turned out, only seemed peripherally related to gaming besides the announcement of an unnamed mid-to-high end gaming brand this year. Still, their R&D labs were happy to drag some old favorites out of the vault -- like the Misto touchscreen-based coffee table -- as well as show of some hitherto unseen technologies, such as:

Pluribus - Our favorite: use a camera (for alignment) and as many off-the-shelf projectors as you want to make a scalable, massive, composite-projected screen. Users can choose software assisted alignments that result in resolution, redundancy, enhanced brightness, or combinations therein. In the 12 projector demo we saw, a 15-foot composite display which was almost totally unaffected by someone walking through it. (Check out this slide to get a general idea as to how it works. Forgive us, HP, for our crude mockup.)

Panoply - Kind of the same take as Pluribus, but for an immersive game or theater environment. Use software alignment techniques with a camera to line up two off-the-shelf projectors without having to go through the pain of setting up a complicated wraparound display.

mscape - Another project Voodoo's Sood discussed was mscape, a new mobile gaming and media entertainment platform in development to take advantage of augmented reality, movement, biometrics, GPS, and so, so many other buzzwords. Seems pie in the sky, but we'd like to see what happens if they launch.

Interested? Check out the gallery.

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