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New Gears of War gametype detailed, dated, and pulled

Let's just skip right to the meat of this story: Annex, the new Gears of War gametype, is basically King of the Hill. Each team captures an objective by entering the glowing ring -- two to five available in each level -- for a certain amount of time, as determined by the number of teammates present. Controlling the objective earns each team points -- 1 point for each second of control, up to 60. Once an objective is zeroed out, another is made available. Oh yeah, and there's respawning ... with infinite lives.

Now, we'll cover the drama: Apparently, Epic dropped the details (including an all too favorable April 9th release date) a little too early. The details previously listed on their website? Gone. That April 9th release date? According to 1UP, Microsoft says that's gone too. The good news is those details have been confirmed to be accurate and have now been mirrored all over these here wonderfully porous internets so check out any number of sites, like The 360 Forum, to get the full skinny.

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