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Nintendo boosts profit forecast fourth time this fiscal year

Ross Miller

Still not content with forecasting massive already profits, Nintendo has raised its sales forecast a fourth time for the fiscal year that ended March 31. Total sales are now said to be ¥966 billion (US $8.1 billion), up from the previous estimation of ¥900 billion (US $7.5 billion). Nintendo said they also expected their profit to beat expectations, which they set at a record ¥185 billion operating profit and ¥120 billion (just over US $1 billion) net profit.

Actual figures will be announced April 26. In the meantime, Nintendo will be busy constructing a life size version of Super Mario World with a twelve-foot naked, chocolate Miyamoto effigy in the middle of the world. Don't worry, we hear mint leaves will cover up his naughty bits.

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