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Pantech CEO exits stage left

Chris Ziegler

According to an "exclusive" report by Telecoms Korea, Pantech CEO and Co-President Sung-Kyu Lee will be letting go of the company's reigns after a very short time at the helm -- fourteen months, to be exact. Paving significant inroads into the Americas (Helio and AT&T come immediately to mind) must have proven to be a terribly expensive venture, as poor financial performance is being tossed around as the likely reason behind the changing of the guard. Current Chairman Byeong-Yeop Park, who has thus far shared the presidency with Lee, will apparently take sole ownership of the title in addition to his present duties at the head of the board. For what it's worth, rumor has it that Lee's resignation was opposed by the board, and if this dude had anything to do with the Ocean, we're a little opposed, too.

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