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Retractable Wii Sports Cuff enables flinging action

Darren Murph

We shouldn't have to remind you just how hazardous free-hanging Wiimotes can be to the health and safety of those around you, but if you or your loved ones have suffered from an unfortunate Wiinjury, a solution has finally arrived. For those of you with the stronger, beefier Wiimote straps, keeping the controller gripped around your wrist can indeed become boring, which is where the Retractable Wii Sports Cuff enters to inject a bit of remote slinging excitement into the equation. The wrist-worn cuff allows your attached Wiimote to be flung "up to 13-inches," and it automatically brings it back to safety before (literally) getting too out of hand. The neoprene cuff looks to be a one size fits all edition, and while we've no idea if you can hack this bad boy to add a bit more length (you know, for real life Wii Rodeos), you can snap up the original right now for just $5.99.

[Via GearLog]

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