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WoW Moviewatch: The reckoning bomb


This video is not remotely new (though this copy is recently reposted), but since I don't think we've ever posted it, I thought I'd share this little piece of Warcraft history with you all. The paladin skill reckoning, while still darned handy, used to be much more powerful. For those who don't know, reckoning is a talented ability which gives the paladin, when hit by a critical strike, a chance of dealing an extra attack within a certain amount of time. However, in its original implementation, reckoning didn't have a time limit on its usage and would stack infinitely. As an example of how powerful this could be, here we see a paladin, who has saved up thousands of reckoning charges (by allowing himself to be crit repeatedly without striking back -- to the best of my knowledge with the help of a friendly rogue), one-shotting Kazzak. Yes, I'm talking about Kazzak the 40-man raid boss.

It doesn't surprise me that the ability was hotfixed within 24 hours. Not at all.

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