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iriver X20 PMP reviewed


We've already had a pretty good look at iriver's X20 portable media player but, if your appetite has yet to be whet, you may want to head over to, which recently put the player through its paces for a fairly thorough review. On the whole, they seem to have been mightily impress with the device, calling it "unequivocally the best in its class" among high-capacity flash players, with its relatively large size being its biggest drawback. That proved to be fairly insignificant compared to its benefits however, including its removable battery, wide range of compatibility, big and bright screen and, most importantly, its price -- currently running $129, $149, and $219 for the 2, 4, and 8GB models, respectively, although it's still not officially available in North America. If iriver's other players are any indication, however, that situation should change sooner or later.

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