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The T-Mobile MDA is dead, long live the Wing?

Chris Ziegler

Sweaty palms, darting eyes, hyperventilation -- the anxiety attack induced by the knowledge that T-Mobile is without a clear-cut QWERTY solution from HTC can be downright frightening, we know. After seemingly euthanizing the MDA, customers of T-Mobile's US outpost have been sans a replacement in the wings, but it seems that this sucker might be the lucky winner. A variant of the HTC Atlas (new to us!), the T-Mobile "Wing" appears to take some cues from HTC's newer QWERTY-based Pocket PCs by adding Function and Caps lights, a spring-loaded slide, and a more traditional numeric keypad layout. The whole shebang is said to be covered in a rubberized blue material, which we suspect should be comfortable and easy to grip as long as it's not too sticky, thick, or soft. If this holds up, look for it to hit around August -- Windows Mobile 6 Professional and all.

[Via Boy Genius Report and Gadgets on the Go]

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