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Neokast / MoveDigital partner for internet-based HD on-demand venture

Darren Murph

There's nothing we enjoy more than not even leaving the comforts of our Aeron chair in order to catch a program in HD, and now we've got reason to believe that even more high-definition content could be coming down the internet pipeline in the not-so-distant future. Neokast, which "streams live broadcasts and on-demand content over the Internet via advanced P2P protocols, has formed a partnership with MoveDigital, an online digital delivery service," in order to deliver streaming HD media "to the masses." Essentially, MoveDigital is looking to provide Neokast with the extra capacity necessary to ensure that "an HBO or an NBC's HD content" is available fluidly to customers over the internet. Of course, recent BitTorrent flops attempts have been less than enthralling, but considering the outright lack of HD available through it, we still see a door left wide open for someone to seize. Unfortunately, there was no word on a timeline, nor a mention of what type(s) of media would eventually be available, but considering just how far we have to walk from the PC to the living room, this stuff can't get finalized soon enough.

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