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TomTom and Garmin to build GPS handsets?


While TomTom and Garmin have been duking it out in court, a few big names have snuck in and unleashed a bevy of GPS navigation devices; chiefly, Nokia and their 330 Auto Navigation. So it's no surprise to hear that Garmin and TomTom are looking to reclaim some turf by getting in on some of that hot GPS on handset action. Of course, TomTom already has their SIM-enabled GO 715 navigator and works extensively with experienced handset makers Quanta and Inventec Appliance. More notable perhaps are those pesky "market sources" who say that Garmin is already in talks with Compal who we've seen dabbling in GPS-enabled devices for Via Michelin and others. The surprise here isn't that Garmin and TomTom are entering this burgeoning market, only that they haven't done so already.

[Via NagiGadget]

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