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Sling Media working on compatibility with Apple TV

Mat Lu

Dave Zatz, an employee at Sling Media, is confirming reports that they're busily bringing compatibility with the Apple TV to their cool Slingbox placeshifting device. The Slingbox connects to your home AV sources (cablebox, Tivo, DVD player, etc.) and your router, and allows you (via the SlingPlayer client) to watch that video stream anywhere in the world over the internet. It even includes an IR blaster that lets you control your source as if you were in your living room with your standard remote (which appears on your screen, like the Apple Remote to the right). Now the Slingbox Pro will apparently connect to your Apple TV (via the component outputs) giving you access across the internets, not only to your video, but to your entire iTunes library (via audio only mode) on your Mac, PC, Palm or Windows Mobile device. Nifty!

[Via Engadget]

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