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Wii system update brings final Opera browser to your Wii


Many of you perhaps saw that spectacular glow on your Wii's disc slot and found yourself hypnotized, falling to your knees and drooling out of your mouth like you had just been witness to the Hypnotoad. Upon battling your way out of hypnosis and installing the system update and checking out the Shop Channel, you might've found that the final version of the Wii's Opera browser is available for download. Well, we did and we managed to take some pictures for you (it should be noted we have no way of taking direct feed snapshots, so they aren't the greatest images).

Check them out after the break.

First we have the start up screen, which has a quick little animation now.

This is the new front end for the browser.

And here is the favorites section, where we keep only the most necessary of bookmarks.

This is, we admit, a pretty bad picture of the settings screen.

The browser's controls are explained.

Finally, we get to browsing! We'll say that the zooming here is a lot more crisp and generous, allowing us to zoom out and in with great results.

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