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God of War's is developer commentary site


Following weeks of speculation is revealed as a site full of developer commentary about God of War 2. A little bit of fan service that was supposed to activate last night at midnight, but then the clock reset itself for another two days -- this morning, the site is working. Speculation about the website surfaced following a video on YouTube where somebody accumulated a high enough combo count to reveal the mysterious URL. At the time, we were unaware if the video was a hoax, but after speaking with a representative from Sony were told the site is real -- but that's all they were willing to say.

So, it's not an announcement for God of War 3. Don't worry, we're sure that'll come around soon enough. The site does have some neat commentary with Cory Barlog, director of GoW, about the Colossus scene (like it was originally even longer) and other developers. Remember, in a world without the intertubes, to even learn about the site you had to reach an insane combo count, so this was originally meant as fan service. If you've played God of War 2 and are interested in some of the technical background information go check it out.

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