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Samsung requested to pay InterDigital handsome sum

Brian White

Are Samsung's BlackJack and other handsets from the Korean manufacturer using pilfered WCDMA technology? That's the most recent lawsuit claim from technology company InterDigital that was set in motion some time ago. Now, the company wants Samsung to "stop dragging its feet" and pay up like Nokia agreed to almost a year ago in terms of using WCDMA tech in certain 3G handsets. At issue is Samsung's alleged infringement on some of InterDigital's WCDMA patents inside several Samsung handsets. At stake is a settlement bill for royalty payment purposes that totals a whopping $134 million based on an earlier arbitration settlement. Samsung is required to stop importing infringing handsets as well at the bequest of InterDigital; additionally, the handset maker is chiming in for a more relaxed royalty arrangement like the one Nokia received. However, Sammy may have PO'ed InterDigital a little too far here to get any breaks.

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