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Sierra Sounds' iN STUDIO 5.0 iPod-friendly speakers

Darren Murph

We must admit, it's somewhat refreshing to see a set of Made for iPod speakers hit the marketplace that could potentially sound better than a poorly-amplified glorified tweeter, and Sierra Sounds' iN STUDIO 5.0 set is looking to up the ante by catering to the more discerning set. The pair of monitors are purportedly best matched in one's recording studio, as they feature an integrated 50-watt dynamic amplifier, built-in iPod dock, a pair of auxiliary inputs, S-Video output, and a fully enclosed power supply to boot. Additionally, users can control the action from afar with the wireless infrared remote, and Pod owners should be delighted that they can pick a set up in a black, red, or the oh-so-trendy white color scheme. Set to ship later this month, the iN STUDIO 5.0s will run you just under four Benjamins.

[Via iLounge]

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