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Deeda introduces the "Pi" phone and fools nobody


Let's be honest, the cleverly named "Deeda Pi" (Pi phone, get it?) isn't going to fool anybody, and we are dead certain these guys can expect to hear from Apple legal in short order. We thought we were done with iPhone clone news (in fact, we actually promised our mothers we were) only to have this new touchscreen handset fall in our laps and force us to break our word. Employing a proximity touch screen, vibration touch feedback, a 3.6 inch screen at 800 x 480, WiFi, Bluetooth, and the familiar iPhone-esque user experience, it seems to bring the goods (at least on paper). Though Deeda claims it has been working on this handset since 2005, we have our doubts; if we hear anything about a release, we'll pass it on, but we're not holding our collective breath.

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