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Rudy Park comic jokes that iPhone, Apple will solve all our problems

David Chartier

It looks like the crew at Insanely Great Tees is on to something with their 'Steve Jobs for president' shirt. My wife and I decided to share the Sunday paper and a cup of coffee this morning (I know, even at 27/26, we're already getting old!), and what does she spot in the comic section? Why, a Rudy Park comic proclaiming the iPhone as "one of the greatest turning points in human history", and asking "Steve Jobs in '08?" I've honestly never read Rudy Park before, but I find it pretty funny that it's parodying the Apple-obsessed among us in this way. The fact that Steve Jobs - typically known mainly to the nerds in the crowd - has made the pages of the Sunday comic is also pretty interesting.

If you want to see a higher-res version of this comic, check out our new Cult of Mac gallery which we can update in the future with more Apple sightings like this.

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