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It's like a traveling Xbox 360 notebook

Dustin Burg

Xbox 360 gaming on the go just got a little easier with manufacturer Hori finalizing their plans for the Compact TFT Monitor EX LCD monitor. This 12.1" LCD monitor easily attaches to an Xbox 360, displays at 720p via component, and includes two built in speakers. Its flip down LCD makes it just like a gaming notebook, but really fat. The only drawback is the price (roughly $300 US) and, being a separate peripheral, it needs its a separate AC adapter. Does this notebook style LCD monitor make your 360 the ultimate portable machine? Not really, but it is pretty nifty and we would never reject it if one should appear on the Fanboy Towers doorstep. The Xbox 360 Compact TFT Monitor EX will get a Japanese release in July.

[Via gearfuse, Thanks Steve]

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