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Too Human blowout continues, new video


IGN's massive Too Human blowout continues with an interview with the developers at Silicon Knights. In case you haven't been keeping up, IGN has already featured a new video, a retrospective, and a 5 page hands on preview. The most recent interview goes behind the scenes to learn what tweaks have been made to the game over its (very) long development cycle. The team discusses concerns that the game will be considered a Devil May Cry or God of War clone and what ultimately separates Too Human. Also discussed is the game's detailed combat system, the RPG elements, and the battle cries and Ruiners, which act as special class-based abilities. For example, you might heal your allies or summon a spirit to help you fight. Finally, the team discusses the item drop system and the game's hub world. Anyone familiar with Diablo and other dungeon crawlers will likely feel right at home (right down to 4-player online co-op). Hit the "read" link for the full interview. Be sure to check out the new video above before you go.

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