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Xilt controller mod adds tilt sensitivity to Xbox 360 controller

Darren Murph

Although the majority of your Xbox 360 attention is probably being directed at a much more intriguing mod at the moment, the Xilt controller setup is certainly worthy of a glance in and of itself. Hot on the heels of yet another tilt sensitivity hack, this rendition looks to give Xbox 360 users full control over the axes, or as the author puts it, "maximum user configuration for virtually any game type." Reportedly, a Lite and Advanced flavor will be available later this month, and aside from working with both wired and wireless controllers, it shouldn't take the seasoned modder over 15 minutes or so to get 'er up and running. Additionally, users will be able to ditch the "ugly switch," control all four tilt thresholds, utilize a USB Configurator, and have the firmware upgraded in the future. Unfortunately, we've just got teaser shots to mull over until this thing goes live, so be sure to click through for the only remaining glimpse of the said mod until later this month.

[Via Xbox-Scene]

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