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Antelope Audio's atomic master clocker helps keep the beat

Nilay Patel

While Engadget is no stranger to wacky clocks and even the occasional atomic goofiness, this is the first time we've seen them combined with a promise to make your musical creations sound better - but that's exactly what clock-obsessed Antelope Audio is claiming with its new Isochrone 10M atomic master clocker. Although most pro studios already rely on external clocks to keep all their gear marching to the same beat, Antelope claims that its rubidium-powered baby is 100,000 times more stable than traditional crystal oscillator clocks, an upgrade that'll allow you to pump out the jams for up to eight days without missing a step. No deets on pricing or availability, but Antelope says that the 10M is the first "affordable" atomic clocker, so we'll see what they think that means when this thing drops.

[Via MusicThing]

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