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Forum Post of the Day: Levels 1 - 58 need reviewing


In comparison to all the excitement to be found leveling from 60 to 70 in Outland -- numerous dungeons, zones, and quests available at every level range, with great quest rewards -- old Azeroth looks awfully pale. And to this end forum poster Colrum suggests that perhaps after the 2.1 patch adds the Black Temple, Blizzard could spend a bit of time polishing Azeroth. And commenters in the post have plenty of suggestions on where Blizzard can start. While there are plenty of places in old Azeroth that I find immensely tedious to level through, I still think that I'd rather look forward rather than backwards. But what do you think -- does Azeroth need some work to bring it up to par with all the new content in Outland?

[A full version of the artwork above can be found on Blizzard's site.]

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