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Hydrogen fuel cell powered Hyfish jet takes flight


It looks like some folks in Bern, Switzerland may have gotten a bit of a rude wake up call recently, when the unmanned, hydrogen fuel cell powered Hyfish jet made its high-pitched debut earlier this month -- which, according to the group of developers behind it, makes it the "world's first" jet of this sort. They don't seem to have been content with simply getting the jet off the ground, however, with the Hyfish reportedly pushing itself to a top speed of 200km per hour and even performing a few aerial acrobatics, which you can thankfully check out in the video after the break. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have any plans for a manned version anytime soon, although Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies (who helped out with the Hyfish) does see the technology winding up in other UAVs, which they say would be capable of 15 to 30 hour flight times.

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