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New DK bongo game does away with pesky bongos

Justin McElroy

We enjoyed everything about the series of Donkey Kong-based bongo games on the GameCube with one small exception: That darn bongo controller. Now, thanks to the announcement of Donkey Kong Bongo Blast on the Wii you can enjoy all the bongo action without putting your poor hands and wrists through the stress of actually having to play the bongos.

Details on the game, which was originally revealed a year ago for the 'Cube, were found in Famitsu scans by The Wiire. (The only thing worse than bongos: Titles created specifically for the Wii.) The new bongo title is a racing game where you'll shake the Wiimote and Nunchuk to accelerate, shake one harder than the other to turn and lift both to jump. Now, doesn't that sound a lot more fun than playing with some dumb old bongos? There's a four-person multiplayer mode, so you can spare your friends the palm soreness too! There's no mention of the game supporting the GameCube's bongo controller and we sure hope it stays that way when the game's released in Japan on June 28. We don't know if there will be a U.S. release yet, but we'll keep our reddened, bongo-battered fingers crossed.

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