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T-Mobile "Wing" to change name, see Q2 release?

Chris Ziegler

Call it a T-Mobile device... just don't call it "Wing." Word has it that execs at the nation's number two GSM carrier were less than pleased with the naming for its latest Pocket PC phone (but "Dash" somehow made the cut?), though it's unknown what the new name will be. But wait, we haven't gotten to the good part yet: the same rumor claims that the release date has been pushed up (not a typo) to May 27 for a mere $249 on two-year contract, perhaps a nod to perceived pressure from Sprint and Verizon's latest round of HTC superdevices. That's quite a launch bump from the original estimate of August; we'll believe it when we see it, but we're doing our best to stay optimistic.

[Thanks, Seth]

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