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Hand painted tilt-a-mouse

Darren Murph

Seriously, we Americans could learn a thing or two from the Russians, Chinese, and Japanese, as they all know exactly how to ugly up a mouse better than anyone. As expected, the "hand painted" Daruma tilt-a-mouse proves no different, as its vivid color scheme and less-than-ergonomic grip make for a critter that only a mother (or indebted manufacturer) could love to point with. Of course, you could make a case that the tilting interface that intelligently moves your cursor about the screen is worth a few marks, but considering the entirely more sexy innovations we've seen in mice of late, we're not sure this is going to lift off as anything but technochotchke. But hey, who are we to judge the beauty of your next spherical mouse? It's all yours for a steep ¥9,700 ($82).

[Via Spluch]

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