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Mac OS X homebrew on Xbox 360? Not likely.


A very dubious looking video of an Xbox 360 running Mac OS X has popped up on YouTube. Despite the recent revelations regarding unsigned code on the 360, the combination of the low resolution video, some strange background noise, and the out of shot mouse -- nevermind the anonymous submitter and complete lack of explanation -- means that we're not willing to accept that OS X is truly working on the Xbox just yet. The video itself shows an Xbox 360 booting into black screen with a stream of command line text, followed by an OS X desktop, and the submitter plugging in an external flash drive into the front USB port. He or she then yanks the drive, and the usual warning about unplugging devices without dismounting them appears in a timely fashion. Hardly evidence that would stand up in the court of Mac geekery, but that said, previous teasers have hinted at OS X running on the Xbox 360: even if this particular example isn't real, it can only be a matter of time before someone else comes out with a similar hack, and some clearer proof to go with it.

[Thanks, Paul]

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