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Phone complaints up 33 percent in Korea

Chris Ziegler

According to the Korean Consumer Agency, 433 complaints regarding cellphone malfunction were lodged in 2006 -- a staggering 33 percent bump over 2005. Ultimately, some 73 percent of those were attributed to actual defects in the phones; of those, the largest culprit seemed to be call quality, accounting for 38.1 percent of the calls. Interestingly, Pantech and Curitel phones seemed to be the most finicky, with 167 complaints levied against their models. Motorola was on the opposite end of the spectrum with a mere 30 complaints, though we're guessing that's largely because Moto simply sells far fewer phones in Korea than the country's home brands do. The reason for the sudden upswing in angry calls? Telecoms Korea hypothesizes that miniaturization is to blame -- as phones get slimmer, defect rates go up. As long as these carriers and manufacturers are taking care of the issues, they've got nothing to worry about.

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