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Square-Enix: making new games is hard, we'll just re-make old ones [UPDATE]


[UPDATE: It seems this story was based on this original report from a satire web site. Joystiq regrets the error.]

With the recent success of the Final Fantasy Advance games on the GBA and the 3D remake of Final Fantasy III on the DS, Square-Enix has announced a new business model that, well, isn't new at all. The company has decided to focus on re-releasing old games for new systems, punching up the visuals and adding bonus content in the process. Get ready to own the original Final Fantasy ... again.

Cashing in on gamers' nostalgia has been profitable for many companies (especially Nintendo), and despite our cries to stop the ports and sequels, we still hand over the cash. We can't say we're thrilled with the news, but it does bring a glimmer of hope for some of the company's forgotten franchises.

First person to say "FFVII ON TEH PS3" or "CHRONO TRIGGER 3D ON THEE DS!!!1" wins a cookie.

[Via Siliconera]

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