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Blast from the Past: Under Siege 2


Casey Ryback, Steven Segal's character in Under Siege, never had it easy but he had great toys. Sure, he was "just the cook" but apparently SEAL cooks have access to some amazing gadgets. Like special communicators, explosives and Miss July. Under Siege was so successful, the filmmakers decided to create a sequel, Under Siege 2, which takes place on a train with his niece (that actress from Roswell and Grey's Anatomy) and a Newton. No, really! Not kidding here. Behold the glory that is Newton in Under Siege 2.

Update: My bad. This seems to be a repeat of a post from before my time here at TUAW. If you have a great (but non-repeat!) idea for Blast from the Past, drop us a note via our Tip form.

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