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Harris to hook 31 NFL stadiums up with HD instant replay

Darren Murph

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Although instant replay has its fair share of supporters and critics, it's here to stay in the NFL, and if you're hoping that the grainy SD playback that refs have to review might lead to a beneficial miscue, don't count on it. The NFL has teamed with Harris Corporation to install 33 NEXIO HD servers (plus 33 more for redundancy), an HD version of FORCE (Football Officiating Replay Challenge Expeditor) software, and routing / distribution gear that will enable officials to look back at questionable plays in "stunning high-definition." Every NFL stadium but three -- the ones "being replaced" in Irving, TX, Indianapolis, IN, and East Rutherford, NJ -- will be equipped with high-definition equipment and recabled "before the upcoming season." As expected, such (potentially superfluous) upgrades won't come without selling quite a few grossly overpriced sodas and soft pretzels, as it's estimated to cost each club around $300,000.

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